Jar of Voide Body Butter (front)
Jar of Voide Body Butter (back) showing ingredients
Matka Essentials

Voide Whipped Body Butter

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Lavendar & Marshmallow Root. 240mL.

(Voide = Cream) Rich body butter with moisturizing and nourishing oils from
the plant kingdom, guaranteed to make the skin feel soft and pampered after
the first application. Apricot kernel oil softens and soothes the skin, while
mango seed butter and shea butter are rich in vitamin E and A and have
amazing abilities to heal dry and cracked skin. Marshmallow root is a powerful moisturizer that is very soothing on dry skin, while chamomile brings some anti-
inflammatory properties to the butter.

Application: Warm up a small amount between your palms and apply to your
whole body, directing your strokes towards your heart. For best absorption
apply directly after a shower or bath onto damp skin. This butter can be used
as a face moisturizer as well for very dry skin types.

Created by Matka Essentials.