Hygieia Set
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Hygieia Set

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Hygieia Aromatherapy cold & flu balm 4oz

Named after the goddess of protection & healing, this cold and flu aromatherapy healing balm will assist in the relief of nasal congestion, colds and coughs. Your body will appreciate the richness and feel of Olive Oil and organic hemp seed oil. A must-have during the cold and flu season. The essential oils in this blend include lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint and tea tree, picked for their properties to protect and heal making this a valuable cold rub.

Hygieia Surface spray 4oz/120ml

Wipe down your surfaces with this natural surface spray cleaner containing a blend of bactericidal and antiviral essential oils including tea-tree, eucalyptus and lavender. Gentle enough to use on hands too!

Hygieia Alcohol-free Hand Cleanse Gel, 30ml

Use anytime, without water, anywhere! This 100% natural, alcohol-free hand cleanse contains aloe juice to soothe dry cracked skin. This blend of bactericidal & antiviral essential oils includes tea tree, eucalyptus, lavender, clove that will clean your hands while leaving them smooth and soft.