Shop this local beeswax salve created by KuneKune Soap located in Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island
KuneKune Soap

Beeswax Salve

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Organic Beeswax, bay leaf, rosemary, lemon balm, mint, yarrow, sunflower oil.
Herbal infused beeswax salve helps your skin stay soft, use it as lip balm, or for a whole body glow, it's up to you! If you use this salve right after taking a bath or shower the occlusive nature of beeswax will seal in the moisture. KuneKune Soap gets their beeswax from a small apiarist who makes candles with his family in their house in Langley. The herbs we chose are great for people who have eczema and psoriasis. Try putting just a dot of lipstick on before using it as a lip balm to get a perfect light tint and glossy effect.